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Paket Panel Tenaga Surya Solar Home System 50 watt energi terbarukan
Paket Panel Tenaga Surya Solar Home System 50 watt energi terbarukan
Paket Panel Tenaga Surya Solar Home System 50 watt energi terbarukan
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06 Mar 2018
1 Paket
IDR 3.800.000

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We are from CV PLTS Surabaya our company is engaged in electricity and batrei. We provide Solar Home Solar System Package and its installation. Given the frequent occurrence of power outages in urban areas and still many areas of Indonesia that have not reached electricity. Therefore Solar Panel / Solar Cell / Solar power can be one alternative source of electricity other than PLN.
Benefits of using Solar Power:
1. Can save PLN power source
2. Being one of the Source of Renewable Energy
3. As one of the supporters in the Go Green program
4. One of the green source of electricity
5. Reduce the occurrence of Global Warming

Solar Home System is an up-to-date solar power generation product that generates new energy for Solar Home System's 50 Watt Peak capacity applications. Suitable for use in rural areas, remote settlements, plantations, emergency posts, other outdoor activities away from access to electricity.

Simple design is easy to operate, environmentally friendly and maintenance free. In addition there are also provided DC outlets for various loads of burden such as radio, Charger, communication tools, etc. Compared to electric generators there is a spin and requires fuel to produce, istrik, his voice is noisy. In addition, the exhaust gas produced can cause greenhouse gas effects.

Advantages and Benefits:
1. Ease of installation
2. Able to generate electricity in areas that have not reached the power grid
3. Affordable price
4. High efficiency in energy use
5. Have a circuit protective component at the time of charging and discharging the battery
6. As a back-up of electricity in case of blackout



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